This collection was inspired by a visit to Harlem, NYC. Harlem was a special source of inspiration for me because of the rich history of Black excellence that came from those same streets during the Harlem renaissance. As I walked around for hours, observing the building structures, eating the food, walking into their stores, taking their local bus, I observed the people just as much as the area. Not only were the colors of the building a sense of art on its own, but there was such a great sense of community and belonging. It was as if time had been frozen for the past 50 years.

I wanted to design a collection that was not only influenced by Harlem, but for the women of Harlem.

My goal was to bring the joy, rhythm, and glamour of the Harlem renaissance to 2019. You will see corsetry, suiting silhouettes, patchwork, sheer chiffon, crepe back satin, and use of print.  My draping was inspired by a female I saw in Harlem with a long single braid that went up to her legs. As used it as inspiration for my motif, which was a brocade belting. We start with my moodboard, to sketches, to final collection and technical flats with swatches. 

                                                                    ><<MOOD BOARD>><


><<corsetry/pleating expoloration with draping>><



<<braid inspired drapes/motif>>